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Tastings give us a great chance to get to know you and for you to know us. It gives you an opportunity to taste our desserts, chat details like delivery and setup, and any specialty designs. If you’re just starting out, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Page, and when you’re ready, fill out the form below.

For our tastings, we offer select cake and cheesecake flavors up to 4 options complimentary. If you’re interested in trying more than 4 flavors, it is an extra $5 per flavor.

We can also offer custom tastings starting at $20 per tasting for 4 custom flavors, including our pie, cookies, and tart flavors. For this option start by taking a look at our online menu or checking out our Spring/Summer Menu or Fall/Winter Menu. At this moment we do not allow for donuts or macarons to be a part of our tastings. If these are something that you’re interested in trying, please reach out to us so we can try to coordinate a time when we do have those items available.

Not seeing what you're looking to have on your special day? Well, we love to create custom flavors/desserts. So let us know, and we'll do our best to create something special just for you!

Fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch to finalize the details on setting up your custom tasting!

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This is always important to know before diving deep into dessert design. We're happy to work within budgets and themes, and will strive to create a beautiful design that works for you.
We offer complimentary flavors that you can choose from below or you can choose to create a custom tasting *
If you're interested in one of our complimentary options, please choose 4 flavors below. You can select more than for 4, just any additional flavors will be $5 per flavor. If you're interested in creating a custom tasting, please select "I want a custom tasting" and fill out the box below.
Select from our online menu or list some ideas, up to 4 flavors per tasting. Keep in mind our custom tastings start at at $5 per flavor. Donuts and macarons are not included.
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