Wedding FAQ

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Frequently Ask Questions

We’re here to help answer some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to wedding cakes and dessert bars

  • What is the average budget for a wedding cake or dessert bar?

    • Every wedding is unique and therefore pricing varies. Generally, pricing is in the range of $3-$7 per guest. We do offer cost saving items like sheet cakes, bars, and cookies as a lower cost item that can be perfect for some extra servings.

  • The budget…

    • This is not so much a question that we get, but a question that we ask. It is incredibly important to create a budget that you’re comfortable with. If a friend, parent, or family member is offering to pay for your desserts make sure to have this conversation with them before you start designing your dream desserts. Once we know your budget we can start designing your desserts to work within that budget.

  • When you mention design costs, what does that all entail?

    • When it comes to creating dream desserts, especially wedding cakes, the details matter. Our edible decorations (or decorations that we provide), like fondant, gold/silver leaf, piping details, and other items of the sorts all can affect the pricing. We price this out from design to design so we can provide an accurate quote based on materials and time for these designs.

  • Who provides all of the other decorations? The cake topper? Fresh or silk flowers?

    • Since we do not provide non-edible decorations, these come from you, family members, wedding coordinators, or your florist in the case of fresh flowers. We can certainly add this on to the cake for you, depending on the decorations there may be a $15-30 charge to cover the time spent.

  • What about decorations for the cake table or dessert bar?

    • We do not provide any decorations for around the cake or stands for the dessert bar unless previously agreed upon. All of those decorations are up to you. We generally encourage a cake stand for wedding cakes, as it can help with the displaying of it. All of our cakes come on a 1/2” thick cake board that can be used to sit right on the table. If you’re interested in stands, we have several companies that we can recommend for rentals or places you can buy items. We can also help inspect your stand to make sure that it will work with your cake.

  • Do you deliver and if so how far?

    • We typically deliver no further than 70 miles, but we can go a little further for certain locations. We do charge a delivery fee that ranges from $1-$5 per mile. That is determined on how far we’re going, and if one or two people are needed for the delivery. Keep in mind that the summer months and weather can also influence our delivery rate for locations further away as some products take extra care.

  • Do we have to save the top tier for our One Year Anniversary?

    • Some people are steering aways from that traditional aspect, but if you want to still do that make sure to discuss it with us so we can include an extra tier in your design. Keep in mind that certain cakes and fillings do not freeze well. When freezing, place the cake in a box and wrap several times with plastic wrap in different directions. Place the box in a plastic bag then seal and place in the freezer. One year later, thaw and enjoy! A fun alternative is to order a small one tier replica of your wedding cake on your one year anniversary.

  • How do I schedule a tasting and consultation? Is it free?

    • To schedule a tasting/consultation, go back to our wedding page and fill out the form. We will then contact you with a few dates and times that we have available. As for pricing, we have several of our popular flavors of cake and cheesecakes that you can choose up to 4 flavors for a complimentary tasting. All of our tasting samples come in a cupcake size and are perfect for sharing with another one or two people. You can add on additional servings or flavors at $5 each. If you’re looking for a more custom flavor, we do offer those as well starting at $20 per tasting for 4 flavors. At this moment, we do not allow donuts or macarons to be included in our tastings. If you’re interested in those items, please let us know, and we can try to coordinate a time when we do have those items available.

  • How many people should I bring along to the tasting?

    • We encourage our couples to come together. If you feel like bringing extra people try to limit to 2-3 extra people, and please let us know as we normally plan for only 2 people. Something to keep in mind, we do not provide extra servings for extra people (so less for you to enjoy) and it can become distracting with too many extra people. These tastings and consultations are the perfect time to talk about details, pricing, and design.

  • Is there anything I should bring to the tasting?

    • While we provide some books and pictures of our past work for inspiration, we would love for any pictures, color swatches, items of inspiration, decorations, etc. that you feel would help us in the design aspect.

  • Can you match my color decorations in the design of the cake?

    • While it is extremely difficult to match colors exactly, we will do our best to make sure the colors are as close as they can be. Unfortunately, some colors cannot be closely matched due to their luster or sheen.

  • Can I have different flavors of cake in the different tiers?

    • You can certainly have different flavors in the different tiers. If you are looking to avoid certainly allergens for some of your guests, we then sometimes suggest getting a side cake for them or doing the whole cake without that ingredient. We cannot guarantee protection from cross contamination in tiered cakes due to the stacking nature of the cakes.